The Benefits of Leasing

As the bank can claim the GST, you only finance the Pre GST Cost. Leasing repayments for business are fully tax deductible. They may provide a faster write-off than if you had purchased the equipment and claimed depreciation. Unlike bank loans, leasing is not subject to cancellation or recall without notice. With leasing , your equipment earns profits as you pay for it.

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Novated Lease

Allows you to reward valued staff as –

The vehicle is selected by the employee. The employee enters into a primary lease. The employer takes over the rental obligations through the sublease and novation. The employer’s obligations cease when the primary lease term expires or when the employment ends.

Sale Lease Back

We refinance earthmoving, plant and registrable vehicles that you have already paid for, thus freeing up your capital.

Insurance Premium Funding

Allows you to finance the cost of insurance for equipment, public liability, contractors and workers compensation over 6 to 12 months.

Commercial Hire Purchase (C.H.P)

C.H.P allows you to make a deposit upfront representing equity in the equipment. Alternatively your final payment may be a balloon payment (similar to a residual on a lease) in order to keep monthly payments low. C.H.P allows you to claim depreciation on the total cost. The interest component and depreciation is claimable against tax.

Chattel Mortgage

Has the same benefits as C.H.P but may allow those on a Cash Tax system to claim back the GST in their first quarter.

Debtor Finance

Benefits of Debtor Finance

  • Pay creditors sooner.
  • Take advantage of prompt payment discounts.
  • Purchase more stock and equipment.
  • Relieve cash flow pressure. Small Ticket Finance $1000 and up eg computers, restaurant and workshop equipment.

Commercial Property Finance